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Business Management and Administration

Pathways to Success

Business Management & Administration Workers with the skill sets necessary for efficient business, management, and administration operations fuel U.S. enterprises. Rewarding careers in this area of study can lead to a myriad of different companies and markets. Business, management, and administration professionals plan, direct, maintain, and organize business operations for an organization. Business fundamentals serve as the foundation for all business pathways. Courses in business provide instruction in basic business skills and knowledge related to economic fundamentals, management, communications, finance, human relations, career development, ethics, and business etiquette. This cluster prepares you for careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive operations.

Webster County Career and Technology Center Course offerings in this pathway include:

Business Fundamentals serves as the foundation for all Business Pathways. It is a year-long course that begins with an introduction to business and marketing fundaments, communication and interpersonal skills, and professional development for continued education, training, and careers in business management. Major topics of study in this course are economics, business, management, and entrepreneurship, business law, and personal finance. Participation in student organizations is ongoing.

The Business Fundamentals curriculum framework includes economics content aligned to the 2004 Mississippi Economics Framework Revised Academic Benchmarks. Upon completion of this program, students will earn 1/2 Economics credit to meet graduation requirements. Personal Finance content from the curriculum was aligned to the 2004 Mississippi Personal Finance Framework Revised Academic Benchmarks. Upon the completion of this program, students will earn 1/2 Personal Finance credit that can be used for graduation requirements.

Management is a career pathway option for students who have successfully completed the Business Fundamentals course. Management focuses on business management and the development of an extensive business plan that encompass all areas of business, including communication, procedures, operations and security, information, and applications, needed in order to operate a successful business. Students will continue to develop educational, career, and professional plans in the area of business management. Participation in student organizations is ongoing.