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Business Management and Administration

Business Management & Administration Workers with the skill sets necessary for efficient business, management, and administration operations fuel U.S. enterprises. Rewarding careers in this area of study can lead to a myriad of different companies and markets. Business, management, and administration professionals plan, direct, maintain, and organize business operations for an organization. Business fundamentals serve as the foundation for all business pathways. Courses in business provide instruction in basic business skills and knowledge related to economic fundamentals, management, communications, finance, human relations, career development, ethics, and business etiquette. This cluster prepares you for careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive operations.

Webster County Career and Technology Center Course offerings in this pathway include:

Business Information Technology 

Pathway Description

This two-year course is designed to provide students an advanced-level experience with practical applications through hands-on instruction using Microsoft programs to obtain world-wide recognized Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. This course also incorporates advanced skills in business communication, job preparation, graphic design, finance, web-page design, technology trends, and the capstone experience.

Course Description

Course content for the first year will include utilization of the Microsoft Office suite, online security, professional development, communication and interpersonal skills, and graphic design. Students will work toward gaining Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel.

Course content for the second year will include advanced professional development, financial business applications, attainment of Microsoft Office Specialist Access certification through database management, new and emerging technology trends, and web design. In addition, students will complete a capstone project in either business, management, and entrepreneurship; accounting; internship program; or Microsoft Office Expert certifications.

Leadership development will be provided through an approved student organization aligned with the curriculum.